Fråga om små batteri i kia optima

Hej Guys!
I got my new kia optima PHEV SW this week. Was wondering is it worth to turn on the bränslevärmare during the winter for taking a short ride, ca. 5 km. Coz it depletes the small battery in the winter which would not charge, unless the bensin generator is on. For short rides, the eV mode is on which means the small battery is not charging?
COuld anyone comment on this?


Re: Fråga om små batteri i kia optima

I have read that if you have your heater in 10 minutes, you should drive the car for at least 10 minutes to charge the battery again.
Now the engine is not running all the time while driving in the cold, so that's not a good idea.
Ask your car dealer if he knows how it works with charging the small battery when you charge the car.
There is a box in the menus to check if you want the small battery charged with the big battery.
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